Iterating the Design of a Volumetric Display

Eric Mika and I started in on a project to make a cylidrical volumetric display using off the shelf hardware like a drill and a long steel rod from Home Depot. The project evolved into iterations designed around first transferring LED data through a slip ring, then trying to minimize the harmonic vibration in the rig by changing the size and the shape of the display, and recently, increasing the density of the lights along with networking drivers together.

Generating Interactive Particle Systems in OpenCV and SpriteKit

This project is a proof of concept for capturing infrared video from a homebrew camera, sending the frames through OpenCV to generate keypoints and contours, and then forwarding that data into SpriteKit as the source vector for particle systems and other visual highlights. The video analysis and particles are processed in real-time on device.

Detecting Gestures from the Motion of the Body in Relation to Itself

Measuring the motion of a skeleton’s joints in relation to each other generates signals that might be recognized as gestures.

Experimenting with Data Explorers

Interactive data explorers can help refine questions for better collection and suggest new areas of inquiry. Data explorers often attempt to filter sets of data to reveal patterns in expected behaviorn described by an axis. For example, user experience patterns can be uncovered by installing behavior tracking in mobile applications. Data explorers can also incorporate predictions modeled from proprietary data sources. No matter what the source of the data might be, carefully defining the graph’s dimensions and filtering mechanisms can help reveal interesting patterns hidden inside a complex tracking system.

Prototyping with Tensegrity

‘Tensional integrity’ describes compressed components balanced with tensioned components into a stable self-equilibrated state. One can think of bones and muscles in the skeletal system as demonstrating a similar type of balance.

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